This Wallaby Joey Loves His Adopted Mom In The Most Beautiful Way

All animals are precious when they are babies. It’s just something about their tiny bodies and sweet innocence that makes them so cute.

Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, is home to many adorable animals. One of them being a tiny wallaby joey, named Louey. Louey’s mother could no longer feed him herself, so he had to be hand-raised in order for him to survive.

Caretaker Tami Wilson stepped up to help and became Louey’s foster mom. She bottle-fed him as needed, cuddled him, and gave him all the love in the world. And the best part? Louey absolutely adores her!

He loves spending time in Wilson’s arms, and his cuteness will melt your heart!

In the video below, you can see Wilson feeding him, and him taking his first steps on grass for the first time ever! In the end, he hops right back into Wilson’s little backpack. Too cute!

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