I Had No Idea There Was a WRONG Way To Walk My Dog. I’m SPEECHLESS

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If your dog is the one taking YOU for a walk, it doesn’t mean that they’re stronger than you; it just means that you’re not walking them properly. It could also mean that you’re using the wrong equipment! Even though my dogs are great on a leash, it turns out that I was doing many of these things wrong! Here are some tips to ensure that you are walking your dog SAFELY and PROPERLY!

1. Use A Short Leash

Using a short leash allows you to have more control! While leashes that retract and longer leashes may seem like a great option for your dog, they could actually be more dangerous and give you much less control!

2. Walk In Front Of Your Dog

Your dog should NOT be leading you on the walk. Make sure that you walk in front so your dog knows that you are in control. Your dog should always be beside you, or behind you.

3. Stay Focused

Keep distractions to a minimum, especially if you’re in a new area. Dogs are easily distracted, so to ensure you’re able to handle any obstacle on a walk, stay focused!

4. Choose The Proper Equipment***

Now, pay attention, this is very important! As mentioned in #1, using a shorter leash is great for control! But, what about a collar VS harness? Depending on the type of dog, you can go either way. Personally, I recommend a Harness for ease of control and increase in safety.

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5. Keep It Fresh!

Once you’ve mastered the art of walking your dog, change up the route a bit! Try exploring new places to keep both you and your dog interested. Walking your dog is a great activity for both of you and not only is it good exercise, but also great bonding!

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