Walking Dogs In The Rain

Sleeping in on rainy day is such a luxury we would all like to enjoy. But with work, school, chores and other responsibilities, like walking the dogs, sleeping in can be a rare occurrence. Today I woke up to the sound of rain and I must have gotten out of the right side of the bed because instead of trying to go back and bury myself deeper under the covers, I was actually looking forward to taking my dogs out for a walk in the rain.

I bought them all matching rain coats [pictured above], the type that look like horse blankets that buckle at the chest and have crossed surcingles under their bellies. They looked so cute in their matching rain coats. So I put on my hat and my raincoat, which coincidentally happened to be green and blue matching my dogs, and off we went.  Attitude makes all the difference.

Since it was a light rain last night, the trail to the beach was not too bad. We made it across the path through the golf course down to the beach and saw the die-hard surfers in the water. Sometimes we see dolphins as well, and if we are really lucky, we even get to see whales!

The dogs were also in a very good mood and had a bounce in their step in spite of the sprinkles. Once we reached the park I let them loose to run and play. They had a grand time chasing each other and playing ball. The nice thing about going out for our walk in the rain is that nobody else is out there! We had the park all to ourselves and miles of green grass for them to just run their hearts out.

Back home all I had to do was rinse their legs, feet, and tummies and towel-dry their fluffy heads. Those raincoats did their job keeping my dogs dry and clean. No smelly wet dog in my house! So invest a little money in those raincoats, go out and play in the rain and step in puddles if you want to. Seeing my dogs having so much fun in the rain made it all worth getting out of bed on a gloomy rainy morning. Now off to work I go and I know my pups will be in their best behavior because tired dogs are good dogs. And I burned some unwanted holiday calories to boot!

Elena Flyer is a Californian owner and lover of animals: horses, dogs, birds – you name it! She is actively involved in the community whether through therapeutic dog visits to healthcare facilities, or volunteering at Labrador Rescuers.

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