Wake County SPCA Offering Discounted Adoption Fees To Make Room For Hurricane Dorian Pets

The Wake County SPCA is doing something nice for the animals at shelters within the county. Hurricane Dorian has been threatening the United States coastline, and it was unsure where it would make landfall. In order to make room for other pets that might be rescued along the coast, the SPCA is offering a 50% off special on adoption fees.

The calls to the SPCA Admission Center and Pet Adoption have been overwhelming. Many calls have been coming in to request help for any additional rescue pets that may be at risk in areas where hurricane Dorian could make landfall.

The discounted fees began Wednesday, September 4 and will continue through the weekend.

“Our phone has been ringing throughout the last few days, asking for help emptying animal shelters ahead of the storm. These pets are currently available for adoption at coastal shelters, and their kennel space is needed for owned pets that might be displaced during the storm,” said Angelina Darling, SPCA Admission Center Director.

Photo: ABC11

“When a pet is lost during a disaster, the best place to reunite the owner and pets is at their local shelter. For this reason, they need empty kennels.”

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