Would You Make The Call And Change This Animal’s Fate?

Calls were being placed left and right about a dog that wasn’t being cared for. She was covered in fleas and mange and totally underweight. But the bright side of the story is, SO MANY PEOPLE CARED! Yes, her human who should have put her dog’s needs first, didn’t. However, the community showed their true colors by reaching out to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and Theresa Sumpter. These super hero rescuers were at the scene in no time, ready to take the dog to a better place. And they did! She is now in good hands, getting the proper care.

Listen people, if you can’t care for an animal, don’t get one. Even if you feel bad for them or someone you care about is reaching out to you for your help. If you don’t have the resources to give that animal a good life, then you shouldn’t try to. Most of you know this but it troubles me that the people who can barely care for themselves are taking in animals. Not trying to preach, just trying to speak for those who can’t.

Also, if you know of an animal like this pup, do the right thing and make the call. Sometimes it takes more than one call to get through to the right person. And sometimes you will hit a dead end, but please please please don’t give up. If you see an animal being neglected, do whatever you can to get that animal help. here. And for more about Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, visit their website here.

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