He Was Living Next To A Busy Freeway… Watching Them Try To Rescue Him Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat!

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This homeless pit bull, named Veyron, spent months living next to a very busy freeway in Los Angeles. He had no one to love him or take care of him, and risked getting hit by cars every day. Hope For Paws, an LA rescue group, received calls about the lonely pup and wasted no time in saving him!

The rescuers found Veyron and were very careful and gentle at first because he was terrified and they didn’t want him to run away into traffic. They finally cornered him as he tried to escape before finally lying down. They reached out to pet him, which was probably the first time he’s been pet in months, and began to gain his trust. They brought him away from the freeway and into safety. Now Veyron is happy, loved and even made friends with other dogs! Seeing him play with his toys and doggy pals will melt your heart! Watch the full rescue below:

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