Why I LOVE Vet Ranch! And Dr. Matt!

If you don’t know about Vet Ranch and Dr. Matt, then you are seriously missing out! Vet Ranch is a non-profit that works solely on donations from YouTube viewers, which help Texas-based group rescue homeless animals from crowded shelters and give them a second chance at life.

Fred and Marky are just two of the dogs saved by Vet Ranch’s life-changing mission. Both young pups were suffering from severe mange, an easily treatable condition that nevertheless invites euthanasia in shelters that don’t have the time, space, or money to rehabilitate sick or injured animals. Fortunately, Vet Ranch was able to save both dogs from this grisly fate with donations from viewers, which allowed them to rescue, rehabilitate, and prepare the young dogs for adoption.

Photo: YouTube/Vet Ranch

“Hopefully we can bring them out of their shells and make them adoptable dogs, and bring you along for the ride,” Dr. Matt explains in the following video, which introduces viewers to a pair of dirty, scrawny, and skittish shelter animals clearly traumatized by their time on doggie death row. One of them doesn’t even want to be touched.

But we’ll see Fred and Marky again later, after both pups have spent a restorative month on the ranch. Now both pups sport healthy fur coats, a playful spring in their step, and clearly love playing with Dr. Matt, the veterinarian who saved their lives. It’s just amazing what animal rescue can do. Check out Fred and Marky’s incredible transformations in the video below.

Is Vet Ranch Still Making Videos?

Vet Ranch Rescue last made a video October 22, 2019, so for now, no. Vet Ranch is still active on Facebook though.

Where Is Vet Ranch Rescue Located?

Ranch Veterinary Clinic is in Boerne, Texas.

Ways To Follow Vet Ranch

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Vet Ranch Reddit

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