This Veteran Thought That He Wasn’t Getting His Dogs Back. Then They Told Him THIS.

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A few months ago, this veteran had a heart attack and took months to recover from it. During his recovery, the First State Animal Center and SPCA took in his two Pit Bull mixes to temporarily take care of while he was getting better. It turned out to be not so temporary, due to his recovery taking longer than he thought. The rescue group unfortunately had to put the dogs up for adoption. The vet was devastated. But this story has a much happier ending than you’d suspect!

When he arrived at the local PetSmart shelter, he found out his two furbabies hadn’t been adopted yet. Volunteers and staff chipped in to pay the $250 adoption fee for him, so that he could adopt his best friends back. Others provided food, toys and gift cards for him and the pups. Watch the full video of the staff surprising him with the good news, and him reuniting with his dogs! And make sure you have some tissues with you!!

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