This Ontario Zoo Gave A 92-Year-Old War Hero An Experience He’ll Never Forget!

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Jim, a 92-year-old war hero, was wounded in battle three times but has recovered each one and persevered. He founded the Saint John Ambulance Therapy Dog Movement nearly five decades ago and absolutely loves animals with all his heart. But one thing that may surprise you, is that Jim has never been to a zoo in his 92 years of life. But the staff at the Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario, Canada decided to change that!

Jim got to have a hands-on experience with lions and we are lucky enough to witness it! He’s sitting in his wheel chair while one of the zoo keepers walks one of the lions over to him. The lion jumps up and at this point my heart is beating so fast, but he proceeds to give him a big hug! The lion was so gentle with him, like one giant dog. Next, they hand him a baby lion cub! He falls asleep in Jim’s arms and Jim has the biggest smile on his face. It’s so heartwarming and amazing to think that Jim waited 92 years to be able to do this. Now he can cross that one off his bucket list!

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