Military Dogs Get A Welcome Home Fit For A Soldier

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Just like human soldiers, some canines devote their life to protecting freedom. In return, one organization has made it their mission to make sure that these brave animals get a welcome home fit for a soldier.

AMK9, specializes in catering to these veteran animals. One of their main jobs is making sure that these four-legged warriors get back home from overseas deployments safely and comfortably.

As you might imagine, this isn’t an easy task. It takes many man hours, tons of planning, strict organization and lots of care. AMK9’s job doesn’t stop once the dog is back on the American soil, they then assist with setting the dog up with their next mission. From retiring to loving homes to sniffing out illegal drugs, it is amazing to see the process that happens once a dog returns from deployment.

Check out this exclusive footage from AMK9’s documentary,

” target=”_blank”>”Coming Home”.

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