Vet Cares For Girl’s Beloved Toy Cat

Some days are chock-full of bad news, and we wonder if there’s any good left in the world. But other days we hear about amazing acts of kindness—like a veterinarian treating a little girl’s stuffed cat—and our hope in humankind is restored.

Six-year-old Jazmine was very concerned when she discovered that Donnie, her beloved plush cat, had a scratch on her foot. Jazmine loves cats, but is unable to have a real one because of allergies in the family. So she adopted Donnie and loves her just the same as any flesh-and-blood feline.

Jazmine’s mother, Susie, called Pioneer Veterinary Clinic in Moses Lake, Washington, and explained that Jazmine has special needs and was very worried about Donnie. The clinic scheduled an appointment right away.

When Jazmine and Donnie came in, they were treated the same as any other visitors. Donnie was weighed by a veterinary assistant, and Jazmine was asked to share about Donnie’s history. When Dr. Maier came in, he gave Donnie a physical exam and explained to Jazmine everything that he was doing. He listened to Donnie’s heartbeat (Donnie came from Build-A-Bear and has a pitter-patter heart) and found everything in order.

Dr. Maier treated Donnie’s scratch with a bandage and told Jasmine to leave it on for a few days. The clinic also advised Jasmine to, “Give her extra love and cuddles until she is all better.” Jazmine left the clinic happy and relieved.

Donnie is expected to make a full recovery.

Pioneer Veterinary clinic shared the story on their Facebook page, and the internet was understandably touched by the story. Here are just a few of the reactions:

  • “The little things are the big things. You realize this post has people through out Eastern Washington looking at their phones and crying and smiling at the same time. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic rocks!” – Bunny El Paca
  • “Wow. Blessings to a vet that would take the time to do this. Makes such a difference for special needs kids.” – Phyllis Rollo Burnitt
  • “This is the best kindness I have seen in ages. Thank you all.” – Linda J Baratta

The clinic’s receptionist, Heather Struebing, told iFIBER One News that the clinic was happy to help. “When I checked [Jazmine] in she was extremely excited that she could get Donnie the treatment she deserved. I am truly blessed to be part of such a caring family at Pioneer Veterinary Clinic,” she said.

Get well soon, Donnie! And thank you to Susie Efigenio and Pioneer Veterinary Clinic for sharing such a heartwarming story!

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