Vet Tech Slept Next To Dog With Cancer As It Went Through Rounds Of Treatment

In New York, a picture of a vet tech has surfaced and it is touching hearts everywhere. The picture shows Taylor Calhoun sleeping next to a dog that was struggling with cancer treatments.

The picture of the licensed vet tech was taken at Clinton Pet Vet by the dog’s owner, Cindy Siddon. The pitbull mix, Rizz, had been struggling with bone cancer and was undergoing some difficult treatments.

After posting the picture on Facebook, it was found to bring a lot of comfort to those who were struggling.

She said: “Rizz went in today for another vitamin c infusion and more cuddles with taylor…..she goes back tomorrow for another pain infusion….unfortunately although we seem to be keeping the cancer at bay the HO is progressing and she’s becoming more painful….we’ll kind of take it one day at a time from here.”

Rizz was definitely comforted on that day, but unfortunately, he was euthanized due to cancer complications only a week later. Siddon spoke with Inside Edition Digital about how Rizz had a bone cancer tumor on his front leg a year earlier and the leg was amputated. Up until three weeks prior to being euthanized, her dog continued to play with the other six dogs in the family but things turned for the worse suddenly.

Siddon had rescued Rizz many years earlier. The dog had to go for treatments every Thursday and as Rizz was napping, Calhoun would lay beside the dog and take a nap.

Although you can teach a vet tech how to care for the sicknesses of dogs, Siddon said that this is something you can’t teach them in college. It’s compassion, and she knows that Calhoun understands it naturally.

After losing her dog to cancer, Siddon went back to work the next day, according to Inside Edition Digital. She knew that she was facing a difficult time and considered this to be a good distraction.

Not only does she work at the veterinary office, but she also runs a dog rescue service. Many of the other dogs were saddened when they realized that Rizz was not coming home.

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