Why Everyone NEEDS A Vet on Demand, So You Have On-Call Paw Care Anytime, Anywhere!

Our pets are part of the family, so of course we want to get them the help they need as timely as possible! But sometimes we have quick questions or seek advice that doesn’t require physically going to the vet. Oftentimes a simple phone call would suffice, but your local vet can be busy and might not have the time to talk unless you make an actual appointment. Even then, appointments book up fast and you may not have your questions answered as soon as you’d like them to be. And of course paying all of those unnecessary, expensive vet bills can become frustrating. So what do you do?

Fear no more! There is now an app that allows you to video chat with a licensed veterinarian and get the immediate help you need with the press of a button for just $2.50 per minute! It’s quick, easy and will save you a ton of money; your pet will thank you, and so would your spouse!

From wondering what brand of dog/cat food is best for your pet, to questions about training them, to how to handle health concerns such as skin irritation or heart-worms, your licensed Demand vet has the answers.

The Vet on Demand app is a “video based consultation service for your mobile phone or tablet, designed to help pet owners who have limited access to veterinary services or need a second opinion on the health or wellness of their pet” from the comfort of your own home!

Why use Vet on Demand?

Real time video consultants – You’ll receive the help you need in real time to your pet’s health problems or any questions or concerns you might have from a licensed vet without having to leave your home, pay a fortune, or spend hours in the waiting room of a vet’s office, just to ask a simple question.

Track your visit history – You’ll be able to keep the details of your pet’s health all in one place, so you can refer back to it at any time, or during your future video calls.

Discover your new favorite vet – We all have that one doctor who we prefer to see because they are familiar with our health history and have grown to know us inside and out. So why not do the same for our pets? Find a vet you love? After each call, the app makes you rate your experience. You can build a close relationship with the vet of your choice by using the favorites list, which will show you which vets you rated the highest. This way, the vet you use will know your pet’s background, which may make it easier for them to help you!

Digital health records – It’s easy to misplace your pet’s records or the piece of paper that you jotted information down on. Well with this app, you’ll never forget vet’s advice or a vaccination again! Each time you have a video consultation, any notes taken during the appointment are recorded in the call history and notes feature within the app.

Love the idea? Sound like something you’d want to utilize? Head over to their website to find out more information, and download the app! I promise you won’t regret it! It’s available for iPhone through the Apple App Store and coming soon to Android and Google Play.

This article was sponsored by Vet on Demand

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