You Can Donate The Adoption Fee So A Veteran Can Get The Gift Of Companionship

Veterans often find many freebies and giveaways available around Veterans Day every year. Some people would like to do more than celebrate that one day and give a veteran something that will last all year long.

In Fremont, the Sandusky County Dog Kennel is now offering such an option. It is known as the Alpha Project and it allows you to sponsor the adoption of a dog for a veteran.

If a veteran has an interest in getting a dog, they can come to the kennel and check to see if one suits them. If there is not a dog available at the time that fits their lifestyle, they can come back later until they find one that works well for their needs.

In order to take advantage of the sponsorship, the veteran should bring a recent copy of their DD214 and either their driver’s license or other valid ID. The sponsorship is set aside for veterans only and will not be used for any other purpose.

Not only can a veteran get a pet at the kennel, the sponsorship also includes a 4-in-1 vaccine, spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, deworming, heartworm test and a dog license for the current year.

The kennel wants people to know that this is not a freebie. It is something they do to thank veterans for their service. By putting up the cost for adoption, you are providing a veteran a gift that will last for many years.

The adoption cost is $115 and it should be noted that the dogs are not service dogs.

There is an online and a printable version of the veteran sponsorship form that needs to be filled out before donating money.

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