Hundreds Of Cats Line Up In The Snow Because A Woman Is Doing THIS. Incredible!

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The number of stray cats and dogs in Istanbul, Turkey is overwhelming and their government doesn’t know how to handle it. There is estimated to be 150,000 cats and dogs roaming the streets, but this woman does what she can to help as many of them as she can! Vera, a resident of the city’s coastal Kartal district, takes care of about 350 stray cats.

Despite the cold weather and all of the snow, Vera and other volunteers make sure these cats have enough food. They bring up to 50 pounds of food down to the water to give them. Not only do they feed them, but they also pick up sick cats and bring them to the vet for treatment. Last year they sterilized 167 cats! She started an organization, the Atalar Swahili Cat Neutering Group, to help her care for all of them. Watch the video below of Vera bringing food to all of these kitties. What a blessing she and the other volunteers are!!

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