This German Shepherd Was Dying In 100 Degree Heat. My Heart Was POUNDING The Entire Rescue.

Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization based out of Los Angeles, that saves dogs and other animals who are suffering on the streets and in shelters, was alerted about a white German Shepherd who had been roaming the desert streets by herself for quite some time. It’s bad enough when dogs are on the roads alone, with the risk of getting hit by cars, but to make matters worse, it was nearly 100 degrees outside! Without water and proper care, this pup, later named Venus, would not have survived much longer. Thankfully, Hope for Paws immediately went to find her.

Although she had been getting fed by a few different people for four months, she would not get close enough for them to grab her. The rescuers tried everything they could, but had to fall back on their last resort, a tranquilizer gun. Before they got her, you can see Venus swimming around in a big dirty puddle on the side of the road, and even drinking from it. In the middle of desert, it seems that this muddy water was the only source of drinking water that she had and the only way to remotely cool off in the sweltering heat. Once they got her, they immediately brought her onto their mobile vet unit to get fluids into her. They stayed the night at a hotel, where she finally began to wake up. The rescuers then slowly gained her trust. The next day they brought her back to their center where they gave her a much-needed bath. She is back to normal health and is in great shape! Just look at that beautiful face! Now she is in need of a furever home. If you’d like to adopt Venus, head over to Coastal GSR

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