This Bear Cub Refuses To Let Go Of His Mom, No Matter How Big He Grows

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This adorable bear cub, named Velcro, grew up around Brooks Falls in Alaska with his mom. He got his name from being so attached to her. He would cling onto her no matter what she was doing, whether it was fishing or resting. He followed her around everywhere and never took his paws off of her.

One year later, Velcro is much bigger now (the same size, if not bigger, than his mom), yet he still hasn’t changed. Despite him growing up, he still clings onto his mom wherever she goes.

These brown bears in Katmai National Park usually stay with their mothers for at least their first two and a half years of life, so it looks like Velcro has a bit longer to “stick” to his mom! Watch their close bond evolve in the video below:

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