WeatherTech CEO Thanks UW Vet School For Saving His Dog’s Life With A Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl will have a new advertiser, UW-Madison, thanks to the appreciative owner of a canine cancer survivor.

UW-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine will be featured in a 30-second commercial during the second quarter of the big-game. The $6 million bill is being paid for by the CEO and founder of WeatherTech, David MacNeil on behalf of his dog Scout.

The commercial is sure to be a big hit because it is uplifting and leaves you feeling good. It shows a dog facing a grim diagnosis but thanks to some hard-working individuals, it has a happy ending.

MacNeil had previously lost three dogs to cancer and when an ultrasound found cancer on Scout’s heart, it was devastating. Scout was given only a month to live according to the University. A local veterinarian recommended that MacNeil go to the UW Veterinary Care, which is the teaching hospital at the school.

David Vail was the oncologist and he, along with other specialists at the hospital stabilized Scout’s condition. They also devised an aggressive treatment plan that eventually saved the Scout’s life. You will see some of the staff from the hospital in the commercial along with the seven-year-old Golden retriever.

More than 100 million people will see the UW-Madison commercial that showcases its reputation for research. The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched TV programs in the United States.

“We wanted this year’s Super Bowl effort to not only raise awareness but also financial support for the incredible research and innovative treatments happening at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, where Scout is still a patient,” MacNeil said in a university announcement.

“We wanted to use the biggest stage possible to highlight Scout’s story and these incredible breakthroughs, which are not just limited to helping dogs and pets. This research will help advance cancer treatments for humans as well, so there’s the potential to save millions of lives of all species.”

Viewers will be directed to to make donations to the cancer research efforts at the school. Any money that is raised from the commercial will support research and purchase equipment to help with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancers.

“So much of what’s known globally today about how best to diagnose and treat devastating diseases such as cancer originated in veterinary medicine,” School of Veterinary Medicine Dean Mark Markel said. “We’re thrilled to share with Super Bowl viewers how our profession benefits beloved animals like Scout and helps people, too.”

About one in four dogs will develop cancer, which is similar to the one in three humans that will develop cancer during their lifetime. The naturally occurring tumors in dogs are very similar in their characteristics to human cancer, both in recurrence and growth as well as in treatment.

The UW School of Veterinary Medicine is one of three veterinary centers in the United States participating in a large clinical trial of veterinary medicine. They are testing to see if a vaccine could prevent cancer in dogs, which may eventually help humans. It is a five-year study which started last year.

UW-Madison is getting its first commercial during the Super Bowl but Scout has been on commercials before. Last year, he was in WeatherTech’s Super Bowl commercial and also is part of the advertisements for the company’s pet products.

The commercial was filmed at the school and hospital in December and is entitled: “Lucky Dog”.

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