Photographer Takes Funny Photos Of Her Dog Doing Human Things

Ursula Daphne Aitchison is the brilliant mind behind the Phodography site. Those who are looking to snap photos of themselves (and their dogs) will often rely on her handiwork. When she is not providing others with these valuable services, she likes to take photos of herself and her dog Hugo.

If you’d like to see all of the silly portraits that she has put together with her pal Hugo, take a closer look at the gallery below!

1. Look at these artsy folks!

2. We just want to know what he is listening to. Snoop Dogg, perhaps? Maybe the Baha Men?

3. Even dogs need to make sure they take care of their teeth.

4. This cool guy is enjoying a hot “puppacino”!

5. What’s on his mind right now?

6. Even the coolest dogs still have to commute from time to time.

7. We have a new book to add to our reading list!

8. This looks like a sitcom: A mismatched buddy comedy about a cop and her K-9 pal.

9. The devil and an angel.

10. So meta.

11. Oh boy!

12. Hug looks like he’s had a ruff week.

13. Be sure to have your Bibles at the ready.

14. Regale us with your Kafka reviews, old friend.

15. Such a smart boy.

16. Deep in thought.

17. Hop in, losers!

18. Happy hour.

19. We want a sweater featuring our dog!

20. Hugo signing autographs for his adoring fans.

21. Namaste!

22. Balancing act.

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