Uno Is The Definition Of Hero! He’s Got A Seriously Important Job And He Does It Perfectly!

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When Miriam was 7 months old she started having epileptic seizures. Epilepsy is a very scary disease that not only affects the patient, but those around them as well. But thanks to Uno, a fantastic service pup, Miriam and Miriam’s mom can sleep a bit easier.

Uno was trained to use his bark as a warning signal. He doesn’t bark at any other time except for when Miriam is about to have a seizure, thus alerting Miriam’s mom. This enables Miriam’s mom to better help Miriam. Not only does he sound of the warning signal, Uno is a great source of comfort. He’s easily able to cuddle Miriam out of a tantrum, which is great because stress in known to induce seizures.  Uno is truly a hero to his family and we thank him for all the amazing things he does!

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