This Dog Plays Catch With His Owner In A Way That You Wouldn’t Even Believe!!!

Many of us play catch with our dogs all the time. We throw the ball to them and they’re either skilled enough to catch it in their mouth or they run after it. If we’re lucky enough then they’ll give it back to us to throw it again. But I can guarantee you that you’ve never played catch with your dog like THIS before!

Holly the Border Collie takes the game of catch to a whole new level. First, her owner motions to her and she sits up on her hind legs with her two front paws in the air. Her owner proceeds to throw her a bucket which she catches with her paws with ease. She sits there holding the bucket in the air while her owner throws tennis ball after tennis ball as she catches them with the bucket!

Her doggy friend sits there patiently watching, probably in awe just like I am! This is absolutely incredible! On a side note, I’m not quite sure why this is set to the tune of “The Muffin Man,” but nonetheless, it doesn’t make this Border Collie’s stunt any less impressive.

Source: Border Collie plays with owner like a human child by Positivedogcare on Rumble

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