Unicorn Puppy Found Living In The Streets With A ‘Tail’ Growing From His Face

Mac’s Mission is a rescue that is located in Jackson, Missouri. They help homeless dogs, as well as other animals who have urgent special needs or injuries, as they would otherwise be euthanized. Normally, Mac’s Mission specialized in Pit Bulls, but they will help any breed in need. Besides dealing with animals who have special needs, they also take in pets with zero chance for survival, due to shelters and other rescues not having the resources in order to help them.

Recently, Mac’s Mission came to the aid of a puppy and older dog who were wandering around outside, alone in the cold. The rescue soon discovered that this wasn’t just any puppy, it was a special little puppy who seemed to have what appeared to be a tail growing out of his head. His rescuers had definitely never seen anything like it before.

Since the tail reminded them of a unicorn’s horn, they went with an appropriately magical name for him, calling him “Narwhal.”

Narhwhal appears to have some kind of foot injury as well, though the rescue still needs to confirm with a vet through some x-rays but he probably will be in need of treatment. They also have to get his face tail looked at too.

Regardless, Narwhal seems to be in good form otherwise, as the rescue reports that he’s a very happy and friendly little guy.

For more updates on Narwhal’s condition, you can click here for a link to the rescue’s Facebook page.

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