Accidental Injury At Birth Left Unicorn Puppy With One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head

There is one adorable little golden retriever pup who is creating a stir on social media because of her appearance: she looks like a unicorn!

Rae is the little puppy who acquired her unique look after she suffered an accidental injury at birth. It has caused her ear to “migrate” to the top of her head as she’s gotten older.

And that has been getting her a lot of attention on social media. In fact, she’s only been on Instagram a month, and has already gained 47,000 followers and counting!

People have been showing they can’t get enough of the unique little pup, with plenty of her fans calling her a “unipupper.”

One fan commented on a photo saying, “What a beautiful pupper.”

While another person wrote they were “obsessed” with her.

A third person even said, “Now all the dogs are going to want to have one migrating ear! Too freakin’ cute! Or should I say ‘freakishly’ cute?”

Rae’s mom reported that her “accidental injury” was caused by Rae’s mom trying to remove her amniotic sac at birth a little too roughly, accidentally tearing Rae’s skin and ear. It caused one of her ears to have to be removed, and the other one migrated as a result.

The good news is that her accident and injury have had no impact on the little pup who can still hear in her one ear.

While her Instagram page only has about 20 or so pictures, they’re all cute. And we have no doubt that there will be plenty of more adorable pictures to follow.

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