He Spent Four Hours Underwater With A Polar Bear Family. The Results Are Breathtaking!

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Wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum has always wanted to capture polar bears underwater. Not only did he achieve that, but he capture the adorable moments when a mother polar bear was teaching her cubs how to swim. Nachoum wanted to show the gentle side of polar bears to prove that they aren’t always aggressive or terrifying like some may believe.

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He spent five days off the coasts of Canada swimming with polar bears this past August. He spent 45 minutes slowly gaining this particular polar bear family’s trust before jumping in the water with them. Then once he was underwater, he spent the next three to four hours with them as they swam from island to island.

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Nachoum said the secret to getting great photos was to stay in the mother’s line of sight. If she can always see you at all times, she’ll know that you aren’t a threat to them. He says that humans and wildlife are capable of coexisting without any problems, and he wanted to prove that through his photos. “When humans use their intelligence…we can interact peacefully with animals,” he told The Dodo. “No wild animal wants to attack human beings, unless we cross their comfort zone.”

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Take a look at all of his photos in the video below:


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