Ever Wish You Could Understand Your Dog, Well This Video Makes That A Bit Easier!

Have you ever wondered what your pooch is thinking? Or maybe you want to know why your pup does the things he/she does. Well, this video fro mthe YouTube channel Bright Side takes 16 common things that pups do and explains the meaning behind them. Bright Side explains that dogs communicate with their humans by the use of body language and understanding that body language is very important! While I’m sure most of us wish we had the ability to hold conversations with our pups, we, unfortunately, do not have that super power and are left guessing in a lot of situations. Bright Side helps shed some light on a lot of things that pups do.

According to Bright Side, Dogs communicate by using various different parts of their bodies. Dogs will use everything at their disposal. They’ll use their tails, their eyes, their ears, and their face to get their message across. And while some things that pups do is pretty self explanatory, others have various meanings and aren’t as obvious. For example, your pup yawning could mean a few different things. (I just thought it meant that they were tired.) While being sleepy is a common meaning, a pup yawning can also mean that they are nervous or upset (who knew!). If your pup yawns after you, it means that they feel connected to you. Another example of common doggy body language that Bright Side explains is what it means when your pup puts their paw on your knee. Now, I don’t know about you, but I just always assumed that meant my furry friend was itching for a treat. Apparently that is not the case. Bright Side explains that when a pup puts their paw on your knee it means they are trying to show that they are dominant. No wonder my pup walks all over me…

YouTube- Bright Side

YouTube- Bright Side

Bright Side’s guide to learning what your pup is actually saying to you has a lot of useful tips when it comes to communicating with your pooch. And since there is no device that can tell us what our pup is thinking, this video may be the next best thing.

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