Man Commits Astounding Deed With An Even More Astonishing Effect

In 2014, Kristen Connelly, who lives in Oxnard, California, stumbled upon Uli’s Facebook profile.
“He has such an amazing interest in cats,” she tells The Dodo. “And I thought, I really need to know this person.”

So she sent him a friend request and asked him if there was anything she do to to help him.

That’s when Sharbinie asked for mainly financial support so that desperate cats like the one he rescued has a second chance at life.

Credit: Uli Sharbinie

Credit: Uli Sharbinie

Connelly networked with other animal lovers — Daniela Langer, Trish Delahaye and Cher Callaway.

“The four of us, we decided, no matter what we do, we’re going to do everything we can for Uli,” Connelly told the Dodo.

Through crowdfunding, ‘Uli’s Angels’ helped him save countless cats around his village by getting much-needed medicine to them, arranging for spaying and neutering, and covering the cost of future expensive surgeries.

Soon, they raised enough money to schedule visits from the Jakarta Animal Aid Network to spay and neuter the village cats.

“When he started realizing we were helping him — that he didn’t have to turn them away any more or just drop off a piece of fish and some rice in one of the local markets — we encouraged him to bring them home,” Connelly told the Dodo.

Credit: Uli Sharbinie

Credit: Uli Sharbinie

Turns out Uli’s compassion was contagious. Uli’s Cat Sanctuary is now getting getting frequent child and adult visitors who want to help take care of all the cats in need.

Uli admits it takes more than a village to raise a cat. Sometimes, it takes a few angels. If you would like to be an angel and help out Uli’s mission, you can make a donation on his GoFund Me Page.

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