Uggie, The Canine Star Of The Artist Has Passed Away

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Omar von Muller, Uggie’s human took to Facebook early this morning stating that Uggie, the canine star who stole the hearts of millions had been put to sleep.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Uggie had a cancerous prostate tumor and was put to sleep Friday in Los Angeles. von Muller stated “In short, Uggie had a cancerous tumor in the prostate and is now in a better place not feeling pain…” Originally they had not planned to announce anything; but someone had leaked the news to TMZ and they planned on announcing it.

This is the quote from TMZ:

“Uggie, the famous Jack Russell Terrier from “The Artist” … has gone to the big doghouse in the sky — after bravely battling a prostate tumor.
TMZ has learned the 13-year-old star who played “The Dog” in the 2012 Oscar winning film was put down Friday in Los Angeles. His owner Omar Von Mueller tells us it was a difficult decision, but Uggie had been suffering with the tumor, and the last few weeks were especially difficult.
Sarah Clifford trained Uggie for his big star turn, and tells us he was “a perfect little terrier” with boundless energy.”

von Muller notes that “Sarah had NOTHING, ZERO to do with Uggie’s training at anytime. Really amazes me how people can lie to get some credit!”

All of the drama that comes with fame aside; Uggie was a talented, intelligent and wonderful spirit that filled so many of us with Joy. We sincerely hope that the Rainbow bridge brings all of the joy that it promises little guy.

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