They Brought Home An Adorable Duckling. What Happened Next Is Too Cute!

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When this little boy, named Tyler, met a duckling, named Beaker (Bee for short), that is parents had brought home, they had an instant bond. Now, nine months later, Tyler and Beaker are the best of friends and do everything together! Fittingly, even Tyler’s first word was “duck!”

Bee follows Tyler everywhere and always protects him. From the time they wake up in the morning to the second they close their eyes at night, these two are together. It’s the most adorable sight to see! Some may think it’s strange to have an indoor pet duck, as did Tyler’s mother before Bee, but now she understands how people can do it. Tyler and Bee play together, eat together, sleep together, and everything in between. Watch the video below to get a look into their adorable relationship! You can also follow their journey together on their Facebook page!

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