This Two-Year-Old Girl Went Missing For Seven Hours And Her Loyal Dog Kept Her Safe!

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A 2-year-old, named Sophia, went missing from her family’s property in Australia while wearing only a t-shirt and a diaper. Thankfully, the family’s 1-year-old cattle dog, named Poppy, stuck by her side for the entire seven hours and kept her safe and warm. About 100 volunteers and workers came to search the area to find Sophia and Poppy. Fortunately, the scary situation has a happy ending!

The workers eventually saw little footprints around a nearby dam, along with poppy’s paw prints. The two were safe and by each other’s side about 700 feet away. Poppy alerted the rescue team of their presence by barking. Sophia’s grandmother, Vera Cook, doubts she would have been found if it weren’t for Poppy. The two are now safe and recovering well. I’m so happy that Poppy stayed with Sophia, kept her safe and warmed, and helped the team find them. I love happy endings!

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