These Two Westies Engage In A Hilarious Game Of Peek-A-Boo!

Madison And Riley, two West Highland Terriers, love to play games together. This one will have you laughing!

Riley is in his dog bed, hiding under the pillow. Madison stands there barking at the bed until sweet little Riley pokes his head out. Then he goes back under and Madison starts barking and looking for him again. This happens over and over and turns into a funny game of peek-a-boo. At one point, Madison gets fed up when Riley takes too long to peek out, so she grabs the pillow with her mouth and tries to lift it up off him. Riley comes out in full defense mode, barking his head off at her. These two act just like your typical every day siblings!

Source: Terriers engage in hilarious game of peek-a-boo by cowie69 on Rumble

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