These Two Pups Work Together To Get Their Doggy Brother Out Of Bed…What They Do NEXT Will Make You Laugh!

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Sometimes siblings like to gang up on each other, especially when it’s two against one. And not just humans…apparently dogs do it too! These two puppies team up to bully what seems to be their older Chihuahua brother. They both bark at him in unison while he’s lying in his doggy bed. At first you might be wondering why they’re continuously barking at him, but you’ll soon find out why.

They bark right in his face nonstop, and the brown puppy even stomps on his bed a few times. The Chihuahua finally gets up and growls at them before walking away; but he was wagging his tail the same time he was growling so you know it’s just brotherly love! Once he walks away, the other two puppies finish out their sneaky scheme. They both walk right into the bed at the same time, lie down and instantly go to sleep. Poor Chihuahua lost his spot!! Now he’ll know for next time not to give into his rotten puppy siblings!

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