These Two Pigs Rescued From Slaughter See Snow For The First Time. Their Reaction? OINKTASTIC.

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These two pigs, named Anna and Maybelle, were rescued from slaughter by Tracey and Jon Stewart. They were born in June of 2015, which now makes them 9 months old. Since being rescued, they’ve been in New Jersey, and have been getting endless love, belly rubs and gifts. The Stewards are teaming up with Farm Sanctuary to open a fourth location where they live.


Since these piggies were born in the Summer, they’ve never seen snow before. “If Anna and Maybelle were raised for meat, they would have been slaughtered at just 6 months old,” the Daily Squeal said. “Instead, at 9 months, Anna and Maybelle are experiencing something many pigs never will — their first snowfall!” Watch the video below of Anna and Maybelle seeing snow for the first time. Their reaction will melt your heart! You can follow along on their journey on their Facebook page.

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