This Two-Month-Old Kitten Has A Blast Playing On His Own Personal Doberman Jungle Gym!

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Sometimes when we meet new people, we are a little shy at first and it takes some getting to know each other before we warm up to them. Other people are always shy no matter how well they know the person, while some aren’t shy at all. This two-month-old kitten is the latter! He meets his Doberman doggy pal and is not shy in the slightest bit! Not only does he warm up to him quickly, he decides to make him his own personal jungle gym!

Watch as this adorable kitten grabs onto the doggy’s face and then proceeds to climb all over him as if he were a playground. The Doberman is so gentle with the kitty, letting him do whatever he wants on him. This is one of the cutest duos I’ve ever seen and it’s very clear that these two will be the best of friends. It’s only the beginning of an adorable, loving friendship!

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