These Two Faithful Friends Get Separated During A Rescue Attempt…Their Reunion And Transformation Will Make You Full-On Melty

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Before volunteers can rescue these two street dogs, they have to gain their trust – and that’s no easy task. The smaller dog (nicknamed “Anna”) has an injured paw and neither dog wants anything to do with humans…even humans trying to feed them hamburgers. The volunteers are patient though, and they keep trying. In the process Anna gets spooked and runs off into an area that the larger dog, “Aurora” can’t reach. The humans know they will have to rethink their strategy with Anna, but go ahead and take the opportunity to gain Aurora’s trust. Your heart will melt when you see them pet her for the first time. The look in her eyes!

After a bit of work and a helpful security guard the team is able to rescue Anna too, and reunite the best friends as quickly as possible. Both dogs look much more comfortable after being reunited and their transformation by the end of the video is remarkable. It’s not a superficial transformation either – they both look pretty much the same, only cleaner. It’s their faith in human’s that’s been transformed, and the formerly wary dogs have at last found love and happiness; they are off the streets for good!

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