These Two Elephants Haven’t Seen Another Elephant In 2 Decades. Then, They Meet Each Other…

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Jenny and Shirley were both at the same circus when Jenny was a baby and Shirley was twenty-something. They lived together for a whole winter and then were separated. It’s been 22 years since these two have seen each other. Now, they are both rescued from the circus and living at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. After being apart for over two decades, the pair has finally been reunited and their reaction is so precious!!

The pair immediately recognized each other, despite being apart for 22 years. The way they bonded and interacted with each other in their reunion was loving, intense and so amazing! At first they were on different sides of steel bars, and managed to bend them overnight during an effort to get closer to each other. In the morning, the bars were removed and they were finally able to be in the same area. They way they intertwine trucks and nuzzle up to each other will touch your heart! It’s so comforting to know that not only were these two elephants rescued from the circus, but now they get to live free with one another by their side again!

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