These Dogs Are Working Out On A Treadmill. But When I Saw The Dog On The Right I Couldn’t Help But LOL.

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There are the people who set their alarms for 5am to make sure they get a good workout in before work. Or they go to the gym after work because going a day without working out would be a sin. They are on a strict diet and have a meal prep plan where they’ve already packed the week’s worth of healthy food. And don’t even say the word “carbs” around them, they’re just not having it. Then there are the people who roll out of bed with barely enough time to brush their hair before being late to work. They come home after a long day just to sit on the couch and eat ice cream while binging on Netflix. The most exercise they get is running up the stairs at night to their bed. They’ll eat pizza every other day because, quite frankly, they just don’t care. Unfortunately, I am more towards the latter of the two.

This video of two dogs on separate treadmills is the perfect depiction of the two different scenarios that I just painted in your head. On the left, the dog is briskly walking on the treadmill, trying to stay fit and get some good exercise in. Then the camera pans over to Maggie, the dog who is depicts the lazy people. You can’t help but laugh when you see her standing still on the treadmill platform and only walking on the conveyor belt with one of her hind legs. Well, I guess that’s one way to cheat the system!

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