5 Reasons Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One…

You are about to leave your house to head into work when you see a pair of sad eyes looking up at you. They are wondering where you are going, and how long you are going to be gone. Instantly, you feel guilty and wish you could stay home with your dog. The solution could be to get another dog.

Dogs are amazing and are proven to enhance our lives. The improve our health and keep us sane. If you are considering adding to your fur family, take a look at a few reasons you should take the plunge and rescue another dog.


1. Companionship

Dogs are pack animals and most prefer to be around other dogs. Most people are gone at least eight hours for five days a week at work. Dogs can become bored and get into trouble chewing things they are not supposed to, like your new pair of shoes. Some dogs are nervous or anxious, and having another dog around calms their nerves. They will be best friends.

There are some dogs that do best as the only dog. Perhaps they were rescued from a bad situation and may be reactive to other dogs.


2. Makes Training Easier

Younger dogs will copy the actions of an older dog, making training easier. That is if your older dog is well trained. Otherwise, you may have two trouble makers on your hands. The older dog will show the new dog the routine around the house and show him who is “boss” in a gentle way.


3. More Dog Kisses

Who can resist a doggie kiss? Now you will have double the kisses and wagging tails when you return from work. There is no better greeting. The best alarm clock is a dog kiss and wet nose nudging you to get up. Who could be angry by that? The only problem is they may not be on the same time schedule as you.


4. More Entertainment

Aside from the kisses, the dogs will provide hours of entertainment. Their running fits in the backyard, and the chasing of their own tails, and howling in defiance is sure to keep you laughing. The increased playtime will tire them out, while keeping them in shape.


5. You Save Two Lives

Every time you adopt a dog you save two lives. The life of the dog you adopted and the one the rescue is able to take it. It is a life changing experience to save the life of a dog. The dog will show their appreciation with unconditional love.

The list could go on and on with reasons like: more dog photos on your phone, more protection at home, a built-in cuddler, and many more. Each dog is unique with their own personality, so be sure the dogs are a match before you adopt. Even if your dog likes to be the “only child”, you are blessed.

Dogs are a gift and show us how to live in the moment. We can never repay them for the joy they bring us. Somethings in life are too perfect and amazing to just have one. Adopt a best friend for your dog!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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