These Two Cows Met A Whole New Herd Of Friends…Their Reaction Is Mooooore Than Adorable!

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Panda, the black and white cow, and Jazzy, the small brown one, were introduced to a whole new herd of cows at Animal Place in Vacaville, California. Animal Place rescues farm animals from slaughter and provides them with permanent sanctuary or homes. Their reactions upon meeting their new cow family will put a big smile on your face!!

First Panda comes running over toward the herd of cows and Jazzy follows closely behind. All the cows come over to check out the newcomers. They sniff them and wag their tails like big dogs. They happily run around and play together and it’s soooo cute! I am so happy that Panda and Jazzy were rescued and can now live and roam free with their new friends!

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