These Two Birds Really Want To Wake Up Their Human To CUDDLE…?

We all have those mornings where we just want to sleep late and want nothing to do with getting out of bed. Sometimes you need those days to catch up on sleep and gain lost energy back. But some days our pets have other things in mind. I know personally my dog stares at me and bear paws me in the morning until I wake up. These two little would really like it if their human woke up, and they don’t mind letting her know. Either that, or they’d settle with just snuggling.

First they sit on top of her blanket and stare at her. Then when she doesn’t wake up, they crawled on top of her under the covers. I guess they decided that if she isn’t going to wake up, they might as well join her! They poke their heads out from under the covers and it’s the most adorable thing ever. These birds are so cute and friendly…and very lovable!

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