The Internet Found It Impossible To Spot The Cat In This Photo

Remember being kids and reading the “Where’s Waldo” books? Well, in a feline twist, one woman’s photo ended up going viral after she challenged the internet to find her cat. For those of us who are cat owners, we know that our furry little companions can sometimes be crafty when it comes to finding places to chill.

This particular cat really gave people the slip, judging by the photo. And after you find the cat, you can see why it created quite the interest. The people of the internet were quite impressed once they found out that the seemingly ordinary photo of a bookshelf actually contained a cat in the picture.

Naturally, people were initially confused as they could not spot the elusive creature anywhere in the picture.

This challenge prompted the tweet to go viral with more than 42,000 retweets and 200,000 likes as people took on the task – many of them unable to complete the game. There were plenty of people who admitted that they either gave up or cheated a bit by searching in the comments to see if others had posted the cat’s location.

There were even others who had no interest in finding the kitty and admitted they were more impressed with the bookshelf itself. Which, to be fair to Hinds, is quite a well put together shelf. We all wish our bookshelves were as nicely decorated as hers.

In the end, Hinds decided to reveal her cat’s location for those who couldn’t find it. She showed a zoomed-in picture of a couple of little furry paws peeking out from behind the television.

She then encouraged pet owners to share their own pictures of their elusive pets. All the pictures were adorable, but some pets were definitely better hidden than others. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve found your pet hiding? Let us know!

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