Twister’s Family Grows

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Twister was adopted into her forever home with The McDowell family in March 1995. In May of 1996, there was an addition to the family. The first McDowell child was born, Kelci Ree! Twister was loving but cautious, curious but careful, and very comical as she adapted to life with a baby in the home. She was very careful when trying to “sniff” out the baby but she quickly learned that as Kelci grew, she also became more likely to grab at Twister. Sometimes she would grab and ear, other times a tail. Her aim really wasn’t that great.

As Kelci grew, Twister learned how to play with her. Sometimes it was “I’ll hide, you can seek but you will never find me!” Other times it was, “Hey kid, blow some bubbles for me!”
A few years passed and Kelci and Twister seemed to settle into a comfortable routine.

Then, in January 1999, Mom and Dad brought home another baby! This time, a little boy named Benjamin. Again, Twister was loving but cautious, curious but careful and very comical in her dealings with the new baby. Now she had two of them trying to love her, pet her, and sometimes aggravate her. Life took on its own routine and just when Twister thought things might settle for a while Kelci decided that she needs a puppy of her own! Mom and Dad liked this idea and decided that they had such wonderful luck getting Twister from “Tailwaggers” that they would go there again. Kelci choose a little black and brown fur-ball named Brittany and brought her home. She was a very feisty and very playful puppy. Twister laid down her doggy rules, and Brittany tried her best to learn them. Life was pleasant at the McDowell house.

As life would have it, Brittany disappeared. Kelci was heartbroken. The search was on but no one had seen Brittany Grace. Kelci decided that she wanted another puppy, so once again, Mom and Dad headed to “Tailwaggers” for a third fur-baby. Kelci choose an adorable dog that was white with black spots. He wasn’t a Dalmatian, but he sure was cute! He ran so fast that they named him Rocket! Two weeks later, Brittany Grace was returned to the family so life was good!

A year or so later, Twister got a great surprise! Granny and Papaw were moving in! Oh how she loved hanging out with her Papaw! He had an electric wheelchair and he went outside so many times during the day. Every time he opened the door Twister was there to go with him. She was his almost constant companion, that is, when she wasn’t hiding out near mom.

In January 2005, Twister got yet one another surprise. Ben had decided that he, too, needed a puppy. Because “Tailwaggers” had closed, Mom and Dad went to the local Humane Society and came home with a golden brown puppy that had gold eyes. His name was Peter Parker. He was the final addition to the pack The Dawgs McD. He and Twister had a rough start, but they learned to love each other.

The final addition to the family was born in September 2005. Her name was Emily Rose. Twister loved her dearly and was just as loving but cautious, curious but careful, and very comical like she had been with the older two.

Twister had a very full life with her family. They loved her dearly and she never failed to return their love. We miss her still.

Jill E McDowell is a stay at home mom with three children, Kelci, Ben and Emily Rose as well as three fur babies, Brittany, Rocket and Peter. She has been married to Doug, the love of her life, for 18 years. Jill and her family live in Alabama.

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