Twister Becomes A Big Sister

Twister had the run of the house for almost a year. She was doted on by both her puppy mommy and her puppy daddy. She was our entertainment, our joy, our only “child”! Oh how we loved our Twister Belle!

Twister was so full of wonder and curiosity. She loved to explore the back yard. She loved to run the length of the fence with the poodle from next door. She completely enjoyed mommy or daddy blowing bubbles for her to pop with her mouth. She had her favorite toys such as her squeaky football, her stuffed animals, and her rope chew toys. She was so spoiled that the only way she would eat her dinner was for mommy to spoon feed her! She was really living the good dog life.

One day, mommy discovered that she was expecting a baby. She began to get the house and Twister ready for the new arrival. Twister seemed to know that things were about to change and seemed excited to be included in all the preparations. Some of the preparations included introducing Twister to all of these strange objects that mommy told her were for the baby: the bouncy chair, the crib, the bassinet, and some really adorable and tempting baby toys. Twister had to restrain herself from grabbing the toys and claiming them as her own. Twister could feel the excitement in the air and even though she didn’t really understand, she too began to get excited.

One day in the middle of May, mommy went to the hospital. Since daddy went with her, Twister was left at home with granny, papaw and nana. Daddy would come home at night but not mommy. Daddy had brought home a blanket for Twister to sniff. It smelled very interesting, like new life! Twister couldn’t imagine what this belonged to but she knew it had something to do with that thing that mommy, daddy and her grandparents were calling the new baby ‘Kelci Ree’. Twister could hardly stand it. She wanted to meet this baby, her “little sister.”

A few days later, daddy came home from the hospital. He had a surprise for Twister, granny, papaw and nana. He had brought mommy home! But that wasn’t all. Daddy also had Twister’s new baby sister, Kelci Ree! Oh the joy! Oh the fun! So many new smells, such a cute little bundle and such strange yet wonderful noises were to be experienced from this new little person. Twister was now a big sister! She couldn’t imagine a puppy life more complete.

Jill E McDowell is a stay at home mom with three children, Kelci, Ben and Emily Rose as well as three fur babies, Brittany, Rocket and Peter. She has been married to Doug, the love of her life, for 18 years. Jill and her family live in Alabama.

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