She Was Dumped At A Shelter Because She Was Born “Different.” Where She Ended Up? PURRFECT!

This tiny adorable newborn kitten, named Pretzel, was dumped at a shelter, along with her two siblings, within hours of their birth. They were still covered in amniotic fluid and their umbilical cords were still attached. Kitten Rescue, in Los Angeles, California, took them in and refused to let them die.

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After evaluating the kittens, they realized why the person dumped them at the shelter. The kittens were born with serious genetic abnormalities; their arms and legs were twisted in an awkward way, making it impossible to walk in the long run.

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Unfortunately, two of the three kittens passed away. Pretzel is the lone survivor, but is doing great! Her will to survive is amazing and even though she is tiny, she has a huge heart! Thankfully, she is in a furever home and receives so much love and care!

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Watch Pretzel’s story in the video below:

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