This Family Helped Their Rescue Dog Cope After Her Puppies Tragically Died

Saving a stray dog from Mexico went a step further for this family in this heartwarming story about love and loss.

Xavier Hernandez and his mother adopted Twinkle after they found her living in deplorable conditions on a recent trip to Mexico.

They brought her back to the states, ready to give her a stable life and all the love she will ever need. They had no idea that Twinkle was also pregnant!

Twinkle’s labor, sadly, brought heartbreak. All three of her puppies were stillborn. Xavier and his mother were devastated for their new dog. What could they do to help her?

That’s when Xavier’s mom had a great idea. She bought Twinkle three stuffed puppies to snuggle with.


Of course, nothing could replace her own puppies she had lost but the stuffed pups did, at least, bring her some comfort.


For all the challenges and heartache Twinkle has been through, there is a silver lining. Xavier and his mom adore her and plan on giving her the best life possible! Twinkle is already doing better thanks to her new family and their unwavering love for her!

Source: The Dodo, Photos by Xavier Hernandez

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