Fisherman Saw A Turtle Struggling To Swim In The Ocean, Then Noticed He Was Trapped In A Bag

A fisherman, named Amir Rahim, was on a tuna fishing boat 180 nautical miles off the coast of Karachi, Pakistan, when he spotted something flailing around in the water. As he got closer, he realized it was an olive ridley sea turtle that was trapped inside a plastic bag. Rahim immediately dove into the water, fully clothed, to rescue the helpless turtle. He brought it on board and began cutting at the netting to free him from the bag.

Credit: World Wildlife Federation

Credit: World Wildlife Federation

Once he fully removed the bag, he released the turtle back into the ocean. Rahim is a trained observer for the World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan and said he has seen many turtles tangled in fishing nets, but has never seen one trapped inside a bag before…until now. This is a perfect example of why it is dangerous to throw plastic things into the sea. It can cause harm and kill a marine animal.

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