Three Turkeys Line Up. When Their Human Rolls The Ball Toward Them, They Gobble In Excitement!

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I knew Turkeys were beautiful, majestic, intelligent creatures. But who knew they were also so talented? Watch this trio of turkeys as they not only play ball, but demonstrate some skill! It’s quite impressive to say the least!

Their human had recently discovered that they liked playing soccer after their daughter was playing with a soccer ball around them one day. They must have seen her kicking the ball, and wanted to join in on the fun. It’s not every day you get to see turkeys playing soccer. Not only are these guys kicking the ball around, but they are ECSTATIC! They absolutely love soccer, and they can’t stop gobbling with excitement. Seeing this video makes me so happy. Not all turkeys are slated for a bad Thanksgiving fate. These turkeys are pets and are very well-taken care of. It’s so nice to see them so happy!

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