Strays Are Struggling To Survive In Freezing Temps, But These People Are Doing Their Best To Help

The number of homeless dogs in Turkey is alarming. Specifically, in Ankara, adoption rates are low. Aside from the dogs in shelters, there are also hundreds of dogs on the streets. Many are left to fend for themselves, with little to no food or water. This becomes especially hard during the winter when temperatures are dropping. The dogs are forced to survive in the freezing cold, with no shelter to stay warm in.

But 10 Good Samaritans, who formed their own make-shift rescue, have made it their mission to help these homeless animals. They help take care of 300 dogs and cats on a daily basis, feeding them, providing medical attention, neutering them, and trying to find them homes. They also go to schools to educate students about animal rescue and welfare.

Their rescue group has become well known in the community, and many local businesses have donated their time and efforts in creating shelters for the animals. Their goal is to help find each and every homeless animal a home! Many have already found homes, and you can see them in the video below!

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