Stray Turkey Avoids Being Someone’s Thanksgiving Dinner, And Now He Can’t Get Enough Belly Rubs!

A turkey named Leon was rescued after he was found wandering the streets of California all by himself. It’s ironic that he was saved at this time, because he is the same age of a turkey that would be slaughtered for Thanksgiving. Luckily, he won’t ever have to worry about that now.

Initially he stayed at a local animal shelter, but now he resides at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in Stockton. He is very friendly and took to people immediately. Believe it or not, he is extremely affectionate and loves cuddles and kisses! He can never get enough belly rubs, and everyone at the sanctuary is in love with him.

“For an animal [like this] to immediately trust us and want companionship, that is, definitely I would say, an unusual trait,” sanctuary manager Christine Morrissey, told ABC 10.

Now, instead of being someone’s dinner, he will always be a loving pet! Watch him in the video below:

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