Woman Found a Mystery Egg, Nurtured It Until It Hatched, And Met the Sweetest Turkey She Has Ever Known

Animals who you randomly meet in life and inexplicably connect with will always hold a special place in your heart. You never planned on having them, but they have given you extra happiness. The universe has allowed you to meet as part of each other’s development. You’ll learn unconditional love from them and treat the animal just like your own family. There’s always a wonderful bond between animals and humans. It does not only happen with cats and dogs — even those from the wild can be your best bud. You’ll inevitably encounter lost or injured animals when you live nearby forests or plains.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Most of the time, they are abandoned young ones who immensely need maternal care. Without it, the baby will probably not survive alone in the wild. Thankfully, for one bird, she was left within a piece of land her future human mom owned. One beautiful day, Erica’s dogs found a mystery egg around the area. They brought the egg home, even though they were unsure what bird species would crack through the shell. Erica utilized the internet to determine what kind of bird leaves its egg on the ground. The possible answer was a turkey, especially since the spots on the egg were similar to the ones featured on the web image.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“We could not find this nest, so I bought the Rolls-Royce of incubators. Day 28, my boyfriend was like, ‘It’s hatching!’ It was really surreal. She came into the world, a healthy little bird,” Erica lovingly shared. The turkey mom has completely fallen in love with the chick at first sight. She was cute, and days after caring for the turkey, Erica noticed she had the sweetest personality. Their family willingly did their best to raise the turkey chick — she was indeed spoiled in their household. As soon as the adorable wild bird could walk steadily with her feet, they allowed her to walk around their yard. Erica planned on getting the chick accustomed to the outdoors and familiar with ground dirt.

“She was so instinctual. I think the most amazing part of all of this is that even though she’s a wild bird being raised in a very posh environment, she was extremely on the mark in terms of what she would need to survive,” Erica said. Every part of the turkey’s daily routine introduces her to turkey life so she won’t get overwhelmed when she meets her species in the wild. Erica did such a great job as a mom that the turkey grew into a beautiful and healthy young one. She even has her own coop, which has enough space to walk around. The turkey even made friends with a rooster. At first, Erica was hesitant to let the two birds interact with one another. But they became best buds after spending time together in a neighboring coop.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The once mysterious egg is now living her best life in Erica’s land, having lovely walks with Roger the Rooster. “It was a lot of work. A lot of stress to get to that point, and she was happy, and she was healthy, and she was back in her original environment with no help, and that was really the goal,” she said. The turkey was given the life she exactly needed, and thankfully, Erica was the one who found her. It was a bond strengthened with care and affection, which you can watch in the video below. See how the baby turkey hatched her way to a beautiful life waiting for her.

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