Their Mom Was Killed Before They Hatched. Then, They Got A New “Mom” Who Loved Them As Her Own

At Fox Valley Wildlife Center (FVWC) in Elburn, Illinois, there are nine newly hatched baby ducks who are kept warm by their “mother.” But their mother is not at all who you’d expect. Sadly, a hawk killed the ducks’ mom as she tried to protect their eggs, leaving them orphaned. The FVWC happened to already have a turkey, named Talulah, who had a broken wing and is unable to fly.

Talulah had been longing for chicks of her own, so they thought this was a perfect opportunity to let her be a mother to these ducks who happened to need a mom of their own. Since they’ve hatched, Talulah has kept them warm and has been a great surrogate. According to FVWC, “the ducklings definitely know she’s the momma.” After two months, the ducklings will be able to survive on their own and will be released back into the wild. Job well done, Talulah.

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